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Welcome to my web site! Have you ever spent hours on a search engine looking for a product or some information technology online?
What my sitemap generator does is give you some of the best links to things not seen by other internet search providers.Things that you need for you or may want for a loved one. A helpful hint,a recipe, a gift, or just looking to celebrate a special occassion.
Tired of all those Google Searches? Me too!
That’s why I have created for you a new concept map of catagories that could provide information,tips and tricks to make life a little better for you and your family. I have also included a few videos from “YouTube” to ease your mind or just use as a knowledge base.
The following pages provide to you some of the “Better” or “Best” links to products and services from around the world! I have researched these sites for you so can just sit back and “click” on any topic that might be of interest to you or someone you love.
Please remember, this sitemap generator does not in anyway endorse any guarentee as to any of the links posted performance or products listed. It is only here as a tool to help you find anything you may be looking for.
I hope you enjoy some of the posted cross links and I encourage you to stop by daily as I update them sometimes like the hourly weather forecast!
Thanks for stopping by and “Make It A Great Day”!!
Try a “NEW” way to search the web!

Do you want to be happy? Well, I think we know the answer to that one. The problem is, it seems like these days we all have so much going on in our lives that we don’t even have time to figure out what makes us happy!

Do you have enough money? Love? Time? Excitement? Fulfillment?
More is more.
Or is it?
In full disclosure, I am a striver. I’m happiest when I’m working toward something – whether it’s a new work idea, business goal, or household project.
So how do you determine when to be satisfied?
Search my sites and you might find an answer.
All My Best To You and Yours!!

Comments about the Internet

Home/ Marketing/ Merchandising And Design
“Lessons from a weary shopper’s online search for a sleeper sofa.”

An IRWD view from the shopper’s perspective shows how design flaws hinder sales.

Mary Wagner

Topics: Amazon, e-commerce, Furniture.com, Google, IRWD 2013, merchandising and design, product images, search engine marketing, site design, Site Tuners, Tim Ash

Tim Ash speaking at this year’s IRWD show.

Online retailers may consider their sites a breeze to navigate, but that doesn’t mean consumers won’t fumble when trying to search and buy on the site, Site Tuners CEO Tim Ash told the audience at the Internet Retailer Web Design & Usability Conference 2013 in Orlando Tuesday.

Ash stepped outside his usual role at Site Tuners, a vendor of landing page optimization and conversion services, to take the shopper’s perspective. The session highlighted a host of ways that flaws in site design can derail a customer on the path to purchase. “I’m speaking as an advocate of the customer experience,” he said.

Ash pulled examples of how site design can impede a purchase from his own experience in trying to buy a sleeper sofa online, an exercise that turned up multiple missteps in design and usability across several sites. Those glitches spanned successive steps in the search and buy process, with each representing a friction point where shoppers could bail out of a purchase.

Responsive design solves many problems, and creates a few others.
He encountered a usability problem right off the bat when he searched on the web’s leading search engine. Ash’s search for a sofa on Google, turned up a results page with multiple text listings and a pane containing eight images of sofas. Eye-tracking studies show that a searcher’s eye goes right to the images, initially ignoring the listings, Ash said. That could leave some searchers to the conclusion that only eight sofas were available online-or at least that it would take a lot of effort to find others.

Ash’s own search next took him to Amazon.com, which offered 946 sleeper sofas-and filtering and refinement options not geared to make it easy for consumers to narrow their choice among those many options. Less helpful was Furniture.com, where a revolving hero shot occupying much of the home page served to distract rather than help visitors on a targeted search, he said.

“Every two to three seconds, it’s going to jerk my attention away before I’ve even had time to find out if they have sleeper sofas,” he said. “Make sure your categories are visually discoverable.”

A local search on Google turned up a listing for an area furniture store that attracted him by including the word “modern.” That site’s landing page showed six sofas-just part of the site’s assortment-some of which weren’t modern. But properly used, pictures can be useful in helping shoppers zoom in on what they want to find on a site. In this case, shoppers would have been better served with the right photos selected to head different style categories, such as “modern” or “traditional,” he said.

Ash also cited other examples of sites that err by making shoppers work to get needed information, such as burying key information on price, dimensions and in-stock status at the bottom of a page, or offering it at the shopping cart level instead of earlier in the process.

“Give details at the point of desire,” Ash advised attendees.


Did you know? Random Facts

Things That Make You Ponder

A recent survey of 500 top colleges found that 10% of admissions officers acknowledged looking at social networking sites such as Facebook to evaluate applicants. Thirty-eight percent of admissions officers said that what they saw negatively affected the applicant.

If brain cells were replaced, like skin or liver cells, scientists hypothesize we would lose our memories

In 1949, Forrest Raffel and his younger brother Leroy created a restaurant that sold roast beef sandwiches. They spelled out the initials “Raffel Brothers (RB) to create the name “ARBY’S”

A day on Earth is 24 hours. A day on Saturn is 10 hours 39 minutes.

Stress makes the blood “stickier,” in preparation for an injury. Such a reaction, however, also increases the probability of developing a blood clot

The ACLU and the Electronic Frontier Foundation contend that Facebook’s new “recommended” privacy settings serve Facebook more than they serve the user.

One out of three employees who received a promotion use a coffee mug with the company logo on it.
The hummingbird is the only bird that can fly backward.

The first Fords had engines made by Dodge.

During your lifetime, you’ll eat about 60,000 pounds of food. That’s the weight of about 6 elephants.

PC Security Tips : Make Computer Secure

Here are some tips which will enable you to make your PC more secure.


1. Never, ever turn off the resident protection of your antivirus even if it decreases performance. Upgrade if necessary.

2. Keep your virus definitions up-to-date. Use the automatic update feature of your anti-virus and try not to ignore the “Do you want to update now” message however often it might pop up.

3. Even if you update regularly and you have not seen any suspicious activity on your PC, do a deep scan at least once a month.

4. Always create an emergency boot disk and keep it in a safe place.

5. Run a deep scan in safe mode at least once every two months to kill viruses that would otherwise remain hidden.


1. If you are unsure about the alert displayed by your firewall, try searching it on the internet.

2. A firewall is a powerful tool that requires an understanding of how the program works and exactly what it is doing and whether it is secure or not. Reading the help files is extremely important in successful configuration of your firewall.

3. If you are running a third party firewall,be sure to turn off the Windows Firewall.

4. You can temporarily disable a firewall by right clicking the icon in the tray. This is handy when you know a site is one you can trust but your firewall is blocking it. But remember to re-enable it as soon as possible.

5. Read firewall notices carefully when they pop up so that you don’t let a bad thing in or prevent good traffic.


1. You should regularly check for updates. Enable the automatic update feature.

2. Remember to do a scan every now and then, or schedule scans if your program allows it. If you don’t want to sit that long for scans to complete, use a single folder for all your downloads, then scan only that folder, Windows installation folder and the Registry. Alternately, you can do a quick scan if your program allows it.


1. Be patient with anti-spam software, it will get better over time.

2. Even if it looks that your anti-spam software is working great, periodically check the ‘Spam’ folder for good mail. None of the anti-spam software is perfect right now.

3. Don’t give your anti-spam software too much rules, because it will not learn anything then. It is better if it learns on its own.

Money is a good that acts as a medium of exchange in transactions. Classically it is said that money acts as a unit of account, a store of value, and a medium of exchange. Most authors find that the first two are nonessential properties that follow from the third. In fact, other goods are often better than money at being intertemporal stores of value, since most monies degrade in value over time through inflation.

Music is thought to be the first form of art to be born, and throughout the long history of human, it has proved to play an essential part in our lives. Hardly is there anyone who has never listened to a song. Hence, we all seem to owe many things to music.
Usually, people listen to music to entertain themselves. It is beyond any doubt that after hard working hours, music is the best ‘medicine’ for our tired brains, as it somewhat helps to eliminate stress and pressure. Maybe that is why music can be played everywhere; everyone after working and studying, really needs music to refill their power.

What makes a house-or an apartment, a condo, a cabin or even a yurt-a home? Everywhere we look, there’s another expert telling us the answer lies in something we don’t have, from fancy bed linens to an interior decorator. The feeling of being “at home” can’t be bought, however, because it comes from an intimate relationship between us and our most personal place. Like other love affairs, this one shapes us just as we shape it. We lavish not only money but also our time and creativity on our homes, and in return, they give us comfort, pleasure and sanctuary


quality hamburger buns
2 pounds 20% lean hamburger
crumbled blue cheese
habanero hot sauce
garlic salt

Pre-cook bacon. Mix hamburger and hot sauce in container
Shape into patties of desired size. The thicker the better. Sprinkle garlic salt on both sides of patties.
Set patties aside 10-15 minutes.
Pre-heat grill and cook 3 to 5 minutes on first side. Flip burgers, add bacon and blue cheese to top. Grill 3 to 5 minutes.
Serve with lettuce tomatoes, red onion and mayonnaise with cilantro mixed in.
You can also use your favorite toppings too!


Computer Play

Things You Never Thought

Have you ever wondered how can you make your computer speak whatever you input to it like in the movies? Would it not be fun? If only it was possible! Rejoice, because now it is possible. Well, if you wish to know how to do this, then you have come to the right place. With this trick, you can create a script in Windows which will make your computer speak whatever you input to it.

To create one such talk script, follow the steps given below:-

1.Open Notepad.
2.Copy and paste the exact code given below.

Dim Message, Speak
Message=InputBox(“Enter text”,”Speak”)
Set Speak=CreateObject(“sapi.spvoice”)
Speak.Speak Message

3. Click on File Menu, Save As, select All Types in Save as Type option, and save the file as Speak.vbs or “*.vbs”.

4. Double click on the saved file, a window will open like the one in the image. Enter some text in enter text column and click OK.

Now your Computer will speak / talk what you typed in Step 4. Try it yourself.

How to Do Background Checks on Potential Tenants

Whether it is a house or an apartment, you should run basic background checks on any individual seeking to rent your property. You should conduct your due diligence on any potential tenant before you accept any form of payment, including a deposit to hold the place


Meet the prospective tenant in person. Don’t rent a house over the phone. Your gut instinct may set up warning flags that you should not ignore. Meeting the prospective tenant can also go a long way toward building a positive relationship.

Ask the prospective tenant for his basic information. Specifically you need his most recent address and social security number. Ask for his driver’s license as well. From this you can obtain his date of birth. With this information you can run basic background checks.

Obtain a list of previous landlords. Call them. If there are any problems with the tenant, the previous landlord can fill you in on any grievances.

Before taking any deposit money, run a credit check. This service costs you a small fee, but it’s well worth the cost if your potential renter has a bad credit history.

Check the potential tenant’s ID for any criminal records. You can also check with the INS for deportation reports. These background checks do cost, but consider them as part of the cost of doing business. Additionally, they are tax deductible.

Be sure to charge last month’s rent as part of the initial rent payment. If there are any problems along the way with the tenant, these fees can help offset the costs.

Best of Luck to you!

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